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Our Shopping List feature is a great way to save time by creating lists of the products you buy frequently, so you don't have to search the store each time you want to order.

Each time you see an item on the site that you would like to add to a list, click Add to Shopping List next to the item, and it will present a pop up window with your desired product, an option to add this product to a shopping list and an option to create a new list for this product.

Create as many lists as you’d like.

To order from your list, go to Your Account and click the Your Shopping Lists link. Use the drop down menu to select a shopping list, then choose the Edit List button to edit the list name and associated email reminder. Select Delete List to delete the list and associated products and Create List to add a new list. If you wish to change the quantity of your products, type in the desired amount and click the update quantities button. To add an item to your shopping cart, check the checkbox next to the product and click the add selected to cart button.