Homemade Hydrangea Bouquets
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A fun activity for introducing primary colors!

Before You Begin:
You will need large sheets of white construction paper, BioColor® paint in several colors (blue, pink and purple are great colors to work with, and you will want to have green paint for the stems). You will also need pie tins or paint bowls, straws, bubble paint powder, glitter glue and paint brushes.

Activity Goals:
  • To encourage creativity
  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To promote color recognition and exploration
  • To welcome springtime

    To make their bouquets even more dramatic, children can use white craft glue to trace over some of the hydrangea bubble edges (outlining with a very thin line of glue) then, they can pour on glitter (multi colored, pink, purple, etc). These beautiful spring floral paintings will make a great display for your center

  • Step 1.
    Mix approximately 1/4 cup BioColor® paint to 1 scoop of bubble paint powder (included in can) into a large container. Stir mixture. Then, add 1/4 cup warm water and stir again.
    Step 2.
    Fill your pie tin or paint bowl with approximately 1/4" deep of the BioColor® paint, bubble powder and water mixture. Have the young ones take their straws and blow carefully into the bowl or pan. This will cause the paint to bubble over, creating a dome shape.
    Step 3.
    Have the young ones hold their sheets of white construction paper over the dome and lower it onto the bubbles, covering their sheets with the colorful bubbles.
    Step 4.
    The children should repeat the above step to cover different areas on their sheets of paper with the colors of their choice, engaging in a 'bubble stamping' of sorts. This will simulate a colorful bouquet of hydrangea flowers.
    Step 5.
    When the flowers dry, children can paint green leaves in and around their flowers to add more detail.

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