Stacking Star Tree
An Activity for School-Age Children:
This is a great math activity to celebrate the Christmas/holiday season.

Before You Begin:
Gather materials needed for activity: Liquid Watercolor™ Texas Snowflakes, Liquid Watercolor™ paint, inspirational stampers, metallic stamp pads, bingo bottles, eyedroppers, watercolor paintbrushes, tipped lacing cord and crepe paper streamers. Pre-fill bingo bottles.

Activity Goals:
  • To allow children to experience and learn about color blending
  • To build fine motor skills
  • To provide a seasonal, hands-on sensory experience that is not messy

    Gather all the necessary supplies, including: green and yellow construction paper, rulers, tape, glue, scissors, glitter, sequins, beads, pom-poms and other decorating items.

  • Have children measure 1" increments lengthwise (and draw lines) on 2-3 sheets of green construction paper. Have them cut along the lines, creating 1" wide strips.
    Have children measure and cut the 1" strips into the following seven lengths: 20", 17-1/2", 15", 12-1/2", 10", 7-1/2" and 5". (For longer lengths, you may need to tape 2 strips together at the ends before measuring.)
    Demonstrate how to fan-fold (like an accordion) the 20" strip in 2" wide sections. Have the children fan-fold the rest of the strips in varying increments. Fold 17-1/2" strip into 1-3/4" increments, 15" into 1-1/2" increments, 12-1/2" strip into 1-1/4" increments, 10" strip folded into 1" increments, 7-1/2" strip folded into 3/4" increments and 5" strip folded into 1/2" increments.
    Have them refold each strip and tape the ends together. This will create beautiful star shapes.
    Talk to the children about all of the changes each plant will go through as the seasons change. Talk to the children about how they change every year also!
    Starting with the largest star, stack them on top of one another, turning each one just slightly so they will balance on the one below.
    Now you have a decorated Christmas tree to display in the classroom and/or use as a centerpiece for the holiday season!

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