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Tape Art
An Activity for School-Age Children:
Toddlers use tape to create amazing effects in their art.

Before You Begin:
Gather materials needed: construction paper, markers, crayons, glitter or metallic glue, glue sticks, scissors and transparent tape. Also, find images of shark profiles online or from magazines for reference.

Activity Goals:
  • To practice writing sentences
  • To engage in a collaborative project
  • To create a unique classroom object

    This activity can be very helpful when a group is struggling with following class rules. The created classroom guidelines can be useful throughout the rest of the year whenever a reminder of the rules is needed.

  • Step 1.
    Have the children cut out different shapes that they have been studying. (If the children are not developmentally ready to cut shapes, you may cut out a variety of shapes in different colors.)
    Step 2.
    On a sunny day, prepare by placing a sheet of watercolor paper onto a craft tray for each student.
    Step 3.
    Show students the frozen cubes and ask what state of matter the water is currently in.
    Step 4.
    In the sunlight have each student choose a few frozen cubes, place them on the paper on a tray and lean the tray from side to side. The cubes will begin to melt and cover the paper in paint.
    Step 5.
    As the cubes melt, again ask the students what state of matter the water is in.
    Step 6.
    When the cubes have completely melted, have students pour off any excess water and let the papers dry in the sun.
    Step 7.
    As the papers dry and the remaining water evaporates, again ask the students what state of matter the water is in.
    Step 8.
    Enjoy the colorful abstract paintings that the students have created.

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