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Snow Paint
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Find and use interesting natural items to paint a picture!

Before You Begin:
Gather materials needed: Colorations® Liquid Watercolor Paint, watercolor paper, paint brushes and salt.

Activity Goals:
  • To explore different textures within nature
  • To explore color mixing
  • To practice using descriptor words
  • To practice using fine motor skills

    Because this activity involves paint and salt, you may want to use activity trays while working on them to avoid paint or salt spilling onto the floor.

  • Lightly dampen the watercolor paper.
    Use watercolor paint to create an outdoor winter scene, covering the entire paper.
    While the paint is still wet, sprinkle salt onto the painting and let dry.
    Once the paint has dried, gently brush off the salt. The salt will cause some of the paint to come off, creating the desired snowy effect.

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