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Kid Style Snowman
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Create a fun snowman companion!

Before You Begin:
Gather the art supplies needed: butcher paper, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, a wood sample block, a few sticks, a glue gun, ribbon or fabric, markers, black felt or buttons.

Activity Goals:
  • To create a winter character for dramatic play
  • To encourage individual creativity
  • To develop fine and gross motor skills

    Instead of crumpling up large sheets of paper, you may simply stuff white paper bags with materials and decorate them instead.

    **If a glue gun is not available, or if you choose not to use one around children, here are alternate suggestions for fastening items in this activity:

    –You can use a stapler and staple the two sections together to create the snowman. This should be quite easy when using stuffed bags, but also can work with the wadded butcher paper.

    –The sticks could be fastened by duct tape or even sticking the ends inside the paper or bag.

    –Hair and other features can be glued with Colorations Washable School Glue.

  • Allow four children per project while children first paint twigs and small pinecones.
    Use cardboard as both the project drop cloth and to display the collage when they have all finished painting and gluing on the cardboard.
    Talk to the children about all of the changes each plant will go through as the seasons change. Talk to the children about how they change every year also!