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Engineering and Building Bridges
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A STEM activity that promotes engineering skills.

Before You Begin:
Provide an opportunity for the children to talk a bit about bridges and how they support cars, etc., when they span a water or ravine. Show the children some pictures of bridges.

Activity Goals:
To help children with organization, planning, experimentation, and making hypothesis.

You can challenge the children to make the bridge strong enough to hold even heavier objects. Have the children continue to add small items on the bridge and discover how much it will hold.

Place blocks, paper, crayons, and cars in front of children and challenge them to build a bridge that the cars can drive across.
Encourage the children to work together on their planning and building, with everyone having a job to do.
Encourage the children to make a plan before they begin building.
Have the children build the bridge, making adjustments when necessary. Have them test the bridge with the car.
Discuss what they learned and how the designs were altered.