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Magnifying Views
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A STEM activity that encourages children to discover and make observations.

Before You Begin:
To prepare for this activity, select 4 specimens and label them 1 through 4. You may wish to choose more specimens if you are working with older children. You may also wish to find additional specimens in your environment.

Activity Goals:
To teach children about observation and paying attention to detail.

You may choose to allow the children to take a magnifying glass on a nature field trip in the neighborhood or a local park.

Have children use magnifiers to view details of the specimens.
On a chart, write down the words the children use to describe them.
As a group, discuss which specimens have similar characteristics and how they are different. You may want to have the children classify the items by color, shape, etc.
Give the children the opportunity to look at other items through a magnifying glass and identify characteristics.