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Pinecone Weather
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A STEM activity for children to learn about the weather.

Before You Begin:
Set up a chart with the days of the week, and columns for wet pinecone and dry pinecone. You may also wish to make a column to indicate the weather outside so that the connection can be made to the action of the pinecone.

Activity Goals:
Tracking weather changes using natural resources.

By looking at the recorded data, children can try to use the pinecones to predict the weather. For older children, discuss the reasons why a pinecone would be open when it is dry.

Take a short nature walk with the children to gather pinecones.
Place the pinecones on an outside window ledge so that they can be seen. (If you do not have a window ledge, find another spot by a window in your building where the pinecones can be left undisturbed for two weeks).
Each day, have the children identify whether the spokes of the cone are pointing inward or outward. Record the information on the chart that you have prepared.
Ask the children to determine if the weather is wet or dry.