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Pom-Pom Count
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A STEM activity that promotes math skills.

Before You Begin:
Prepare easy access to pom-poms, including a tray or container to keep pom-poms from rolling. For older children working on numeral recognition, print out free activity worksheet here.

Activity Goals:
To help children learn counting and color recognition.

It is essential that a child learn to count items prior to learning to recognize the numeral symbol for each number. Be sure the children are solid in their ability to count objects before expecting them to use the worksheet and identify the numeral symbols for the numbers.

Place pile of pom-poms in center of the table in a tray or shallow container.
Have children sort the pom-poms by color.
Encourage the children to use the pom-poms to practice counting, making sure they say a number for each item counted. (Have the children count the number of pom-poms that are appropriate for their developmental level.)
For older children working on recognizing the numeral symbols, have them take turns placing pom-poms on the worksheet to match the appropriate number.