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Tower Building Set
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A fun building activity that promotes STEM learning.

Before You Begin:
Let the children have an opportunity to play and explore with the blocks in the Tower Building Set prior to giving instructions for an activity. This activity is designed to help develop building and organization skills.

Activity Goals:
To develop building, organization, and engineering skills.

When the children are familiar with this activity, encourage them to build a wider foundation. With a wider foundation, the tower can be made taller. The activity can be strengthened by having two sets of blocks for use.

Have children predict how many pieces high they can build the tower before it falls over. Write their predictions on chart tablet.
As children build the tower, ask them to count each piece.
Once the tower falls over, write the actual number of pieces used on chart tablet.
Ask children to suggest how they might build it higher.
Repeat the exercise according to the children’s interest.
Discuss with the children what they changed about the tower design to build it higher.