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Crafty Birds in Nest
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Celebrate spring with these fun craft stick birds!

Before You Begin:
Pre-cut paper plates in half for the bird’s nest. For very young children who aren’t prepared to cut with scissors, you may also want to pre-cut triangle shapes for the bird’s beak.

Activity Goals:
To encourage creativity.
To celebrate the spring season.
To teach children about animal habitats.

These nests can also be made showing both sides of a nest. Have the child complete the steps above for both sides of the plate. Have the children create more than one bird. Glue or tape some birds facing out on each side. This makes the nests particularly interesting if you hang them from the ceiling or the edge of a table.

Have children create bird’s face by gluing wiggly eyes (or using stick-on wiggly eyes), feathers, and a paper beak to a craft stick.
Tear apart pieces of colored construction paper for bird’s nest.
Children can glue or tape construction paper to the paper plate.
Glue or tape the craft stick behind the decorated side of the paper plate nest.