Easy Paper Plate Caterpillars
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A simple craft that’s crawling with creativity!

Before You Begin:
If you’re doing the activity with smaller children, you may choose to pre-cut the paper plates (see Step 1). For older children, allow them to cut their own worm. Cutting their own worm shape will actually create a more accurate worm.

Activity Goals:
To teach children about insects and animal habitats.

Animal habitats are a popular science topic for young children. You may wish to create a bulletin board depicting soil. Have the children post their worms in the “soil” on the board.

Have the children decorate the worm with makers or paint.
Use collage materials to add a more personal touch.
Using construction paper, have children cut out a circle shape for the caterpillar’s face.
Glue the face onto the paper plate.
Use wiggly eyes and markers to complete the face.
Add a pipe cleaner antenna to finish the craft.

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