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Spring Kite Window Art
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Fun and colorful window display kites that are great for spring décor.

Before You Begin:
Con-tact paper is tricky to use because it is so sticky. Adult supervision will be helpful for the activity.

Activity Goals:
To teach children about weather patterns and seasons
To teach children about shapes
To promote creativity

Display these kites in a window or glass area so the light shines through and gives the kind an iridescent glow.

Place a peeled piece of Con-Tact paper on a flat surface for each child. Let children know that it will be sticky.
Have the children lay strips of construction paper in the shape of a kite frame on the face-up sticky side of Con-Tact® paper.
Layer on tissue paper squares.
Add ribbon to the bottom of the kite shape.
Complete by sealing with another layer of Con-Tact® paper.
Trim excess contact paper.