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BioColor® Art Activities for Children

See what you can create with the amazing all-in-one paint, BioColor®.Join art specialist Anna Reyner and other Discount School Supply friends for a celebration of imagination and creativity. Learn how to make BioPutty®, scraper art, sticker art and many more preschool art activities. Plus, you can purchase our exclusive DVD with over 50 BioColor® activities, including the ones featured below.

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Print and Share More BioColor Activites! Print and Share More BioColor® Activites!

BioColor® Stickers Print Activity Instructions Back To Top

BioColor® Sticker Art is fun for preschool children and teaches important developmental skills. BioColor® Sticker Art is the perfect opportunity to work on color identification and classification as children identify and classify primary colors and secondary colors. Stickers also promote creative exploration.

Printing and Stamping Print Activity Instructions Back To Top

Printing is a fun activity for preschoolers and even toddlers with supervision will enjoy many of these samples of simple printing and stamping. Printmaking and stamping gives young children an opportunity to explore letters of the alphabet and shapes. They help build eye hand coordination and offer exploration of different writing instruments.

Slick Surfaces Back To Top

Allowing children to paint art on different surfaces provides a great alternative to paper for creative expression, and using the paint on windows and surfaces also helps children build awareness of light and color.

Scraper Art Back To Top

Scraper Art can be used to reinforce important developmental skills; such as, eye hand coordination, fine motor skills and creative expression. Scraper Art also enables children to explore paint media, predict outcomes and to learn about the important principle of cause and effect.

Resist Art Print Activity Instructions Back To Top

A variation on the old crayon favorite!

BioPutty® Print Activity Instructions Back To Top

Smooth and Slimy instantly!

Fabric Art Back To Top

Fabric Art includes wearable art, quilts, wall hanging and dramatic play props that you will want to last a long time and stay colorful trough many washings.

Ornaments Print Activity Instructions Back To Top

This activity promotes fine motor development and decision making as children manipulate a variety of materials and make many choices as they develop their ornament.

Blotter Art Print Activity Instructions Back To Top

So easy—perfect for a preschooler's first art project!

Marbleizing Print Activity Instructions Back To Top

Marbleizing with BioColor® paint can provide young children the opportunity to explore creative shapes, because each color remains distinct. Marbleizing helps promote creative thinking, because the project does not have a specific answer or design.

Open-Ended Art Back To Top

Open ended art projects help children learn creativity trough the exploration of different instruments. Children get to take their art in any direction they want. It is a real exercise in personal choice and creativity.

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