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Make your art and crafts projects come to life! In this section, you’ll find must-have essentials such as paint, paper, glue, and drawing supplies. Take projects to the next level with dough, stamping, and embellishments like glitter, beads, and pom-poms.
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Art supplies and tools for creative fun
Craft Projects
Craft Projects Need some inspiration? In this section we have kits that already have everything you need to get started on the fun part. So sharpen your pencils and get crafting!
Craft Supplies
Craft Supplies Time to decorate! Kids will love the colorful adornments they can add to their crafts, such as pom-poms, pipe cleaners, glitters, beads, wiggly eyes, and more.
Dough and Clay
Dough and Clay This section has plenty of supplies to dig into. Find modeling clay and doughs in assorted colors, along with tools to mold, roll, and create sculptures that you and your students can enjoy.
Drawing We’ve got you covered with drawing supplies. Dive into our large selection of markers, pencils, and crayons. Then check out our huge variety of paper for your artwork.

Glue and Adhesives
Glue and Adhesives Stick to dependable glues and adhesives. In this section you’ll find glues, contact paper, masking tape, fasteners, craft tape, and dispensers. Secure your art with confidence!
PaintWe have beautiful colors to brighten up your projects. Choose from tempera, watercolor, finger, and acrylic paints. Find both sets and bulk quantities to meet classroom size needs.
Paper To be a canvas to your art projects, we have a large paper selection in different weights and colors. Browse through construction paper, butcher paper, writing paper, and poster boards.
Racks & Storage
Drawing Keep your classroom or art area tidy! No matter the need Discount School Supply can meet it. In this section, you’ll find trays, containers, racks, bins, and other storage solutions.

Free Resources
Feeling crafty? We have the tools and art supplies needed for exciting arts and crafts sessions for all ages. Not only are they letting their creativity blossom, but they are also gaining a deeper understanding about shapes, textures, and construction. In addition, it’s a terrific opportunity to introduce other subjects, like math and science, in a fun way. Crafting develops cognitive skills and problem solving, while art also allows for self-expression and builds confidence. We welcome you to explore the many amazing possibilities and inspiration for your next art and craft project!

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