Bead Ornaments / Decorations
An Activity for Preschoolers:
You can use pipe cleaners and an assortment of beads to make great holiday ornaments!

Before You Begin:
Choose several different shapes and sizes of leaves and make a pattern of each by tracing and cutting 3 or 4 of each leaf in fall colors. Cover each real and paper leaf with Colorations® Crystal Clear Cover. Cut out the leaves and place paper leaves all around the classroom, in easy to find places.

Activity Goals:
  • To enhance students' language and communication skills

    You might want to use your angel tree toppers and a set of nativity puppets for holiday activities and performances. After the holidays, children can use the hand puppets for dramatic play activities, or other open-ended curriculum activities.

  • The kids simply slide their beads of choice onto the pipe cleaners.
    Bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of the ornament that they want and they're done!
    Some of these can get pretty ornate, or somewhat simple, like candy canes or wreaths.
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