Sweet Naptime Lullabies - 4 CDs

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Drifting off to dreamland just got easier.
  • This collection features a wide selection of music to create a soothing naptime atmosphere
  • Includes "Traditional Lullabies," "Sweet Lullabies," "Classical Music" and "Nature Sounds"
  • Playing music enhances healthy childhood development, especially intellectual, emotional, social and language skills
  • 4 CDs
  • Over 4 hours of music
Nature Sounds:
1. Wonders of the Ocean
2. Gentle Breeze of Autumn
3. Rain's Sweet Sound
4. Good Morning, Sweetheart
5. Mother's Sound
6. Lunar Eclipse
7. A Windy Day
8. Harp by the Sea
9. Evening is Drawing Near
10. My Playful Friends
11. I See a Rainbow
12. Nature's Symphony

Classical Music:
1. Canon in D
2. Ode to Joy
3. Sonata in C Major
4. On the Beautiful Blue Danube
5. Andante con Varizaioni
6. Two German Dances
7. Rondino
8. Sonata in C Minor
9. Largo
10. Minuet/Organ Fugue in G Minor
11. Waltz op. 39, No. 15
12. Serenade
13. To a Wilde Rose
14. Spring Song

Traditional Lullabies:
1. Hush Little Baby
2. All the Pretty Little Horses
3. Sleep, Baby Sleep
4. Golden Slumbers
5. Rock-A-Bye Baby
6. Lullaby
7. All Through the Night
8. Kum Ba Yah
9. Dance to Your Daddy
10. Raisins and Almonds
11. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
12. Hush Now My Baby
13. Mother Goose Lullaby
14. Sou Gan
15. German Cradle Song
16. The Sandman Comes
17. Bye, Baby Bunting
18. Winkum, Winkum
19. Go to Sleep
20. Now the Day is Over
21. Star Wish
22. The Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird
23. Little Red Bird
24. The White Hen's Cradle Song
25. Little Brother's Lullaby
26. To Babyland
27. Dance a Baby Diddy
28. Slumber Song
29. The Family
30. Baby Bye
31. Baby Sleep
32. The Clouds
33. Baloo Baleerie
34. A Basque Lullaby
35. Once Upon a Time
36. Cronan

Softly We Sing:
(includes vocal and instrumental version of each song)
1. All the Pretty Little Horses
2. Rock-A-Bye Baby
3. Brahms' Lullably
4. Golden Slumbers
5. Go to Sleep
6. Hush, Little Baby
7. Dance to Your Daddy
8. All Through the Night
9. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
10. Sou Gan
11. Now the Day is Over
12. Sleep, Baby Sleep

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