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Colorations® Decorate Your Own Coasters, Set of 12

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Product Overview

Make your coaster as colorful as you want with this Decorate Your Own Coaster Kits, Set of 12. Perfect for birthday parties or group activities! Each one unique and personal and ideal for holiday, Father's Day, Mother's Day and even Grandparent's Day.

  • CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Decorate your coaster however you want it whether using paint, stickers, pens, markers, or various other art mediums. Allow your creativity to run wild through creating pictures and writing words.
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL: Not only do decorating coasters provide fun and creativity, it also helps kids improve their fine motor function and hand-eye coordination.
  • GREAT GIFT: A perfect gift to give to someone. Each unique and personalized and ideal to use for birthday presents, holiday treats, Mother's/Father's Day gifts, and much more. Add some nice decor on any coffee table!
  • GREAT FOR YOUNG STUDENTS: Young children can delight in creating their first lasting masterpiece, no matter their level of ability!
  • NO MESS AND EASY: Coasters can be decorated with various art mediums which means parents don't have to worry about paint spilling over the carpet. Can be decorated just as easily with only stickers and markers.


Assembly Required