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Jazz Up Wearables

From $164.95 $168.57

Product Overview

A caboodle of craft items to dye, paint and decorate fabric items with pizazz! Contains an array of visors, backpacks, bandannas and aprons that will be treasured keepsakes of the camp experience. Ideal for holiday and summer crafting.

Kit Includes:
*Colorations® Fabric Markers - Set of 24
*Colorations® 4 oz. Fabric Paint - Set of 6 Classic Colors
*Colorations® 4 oz. Fabric Paint - Set of 6 Tropical Colors
*Tye Dye Kit
*Fabulous Fabric Visors - Set of 12
*Blank Canvas Back Packs - Set of 12
*Decorate Your Own Bandannas - Set of 12
*Blank Canvas Aprons - Set of 12