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Dabber Dot Stencil Set Letters & Numbers, 20 Piece Stencil Set

From $14.99

Product Overview

Durable stencils that are easy to use for young children learning their numbers & shapes. Use at home or in a classroom, for arts and crafts, and more! These stencils have been designed to use with Dabber Dot Markers. Just press the marker and make a dot in each large hole. Remove the stencil and join the dots.

  • EARLY LEARNING STENCILS: Comprehensive set of Stencils for Kids starting to learn the alphabet and numbers. The set includes 20 Shapes & Numbers - Great for teaching in early education.
  • STENCILS DESIGNED FOR DABBER DOTS: Just place the dabber in each hole and press to make a marker dot. Once you have marked each hole remove the stencil and then your child can join the dots. Comes in resealable storage bag.
  • STENCIL DESIGN: Stencils are plastic and have been designed with rounded corners. Durable and easy to clean and wash, the stencils measures 8" by 8" with 0.7mm thickness.
  • EARLY LEARNING: A fun way to start teaching young children about numbers and shapes. Great for preschools and day care centers.
  • SAFE: All Colorations products are safe for children and non-toxic.