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Moist Modeling Clay, 25 lbs.

Item # CLAY
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Product Overview

Moist Modeling Clay 25 lbs. Great for classroom use!
  • CREATIVITY & EXPRESSION: Expression through art while improving fine motor skills. Great way for children to express themselves through 3D shapes!
  • EASY TO USE: Sculpt, dry and paint for lasting projects. This moist gray clay dries hard in the air or in a kiln on a low fire. Kiln fire at cone 04-06 rating.
  • TACTILE ART: TACTILE ART: Children will love the tactile experience of modeling keepsakes with this moist clay.
  • 3D ART: Create anything from simple shapes to intricate dioramas with this clean, pliable modeling compound. Let your kids express themselves through sculpting, molding, and modeling. Kids love the 3D nature of clay.
  • SAFE & NON TOXIC: Moist Modeling Clay is AP Certified and free from common allergens including latex, dairy & casein, egg, peanut & tree nut