Christmas Tree Count Ornaments
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Count the days until Christmas this year with these fabulous foam trees your class or family can decorate with a sequin each day. Finally, on Christmas, each tree will be covered with 24 gorgeous sequin ornaments and one shiny star. These tree ornaments will help your class or family count up to Christmas and then be ready just in time to hang on the tree for the celebration Christmas day!

Before You Begin:
Materials: Green Craft foam, a Christmas tree cookie cutter shape or a piece of cardboard shape that children can trace around, markers, a hole punch, string or ribbon, scissors, sequins, star shapes and Tacky glue. Before doing the craft with your class or family, make enough cardboard tree stencils (or purchase tree cookie cutters) for each table of children to share. Put scissors, the stencils (or cookie cutters), glue and the sequins in the middle of the table. Provide each student with a piece of green craft foam, a marker to trace with, and a 6" piece of ribbon.

Activity Goals:
Create a festive holiday ornament for the Christmas tree.
Enhance fine motor skills.
This activity is especially good for practicing cutting skills.
Practice counting skills every day, while counting up to Christmas.
Use as a lead-in to calendar activities for the month of December.

If you want to use this as more of a math activity, you can stress patterning with your sequins and place all the sequins in lines across the trees like garlands. Since most schools go on vacation before Christmas day, you can send children home with their remaining sequins and their star in a plastic bag to be put on at home as a family activity.

Have children trace around a tree cookie cutter or a pre-made cardboard tree stencil onto the green craft foam.
The children should now cut out their green foam trees.
Next, the children should trace around the bottom of the stencil to make a trunk for their tree and then cut out their trunk.
Now, the children should glue the trunk onto their tree
Next, the children should punch a hole in the top of their tree. An adult should help with this step, but since children really like to hole punch things, I always let them actually do the hole punching. I just hold the hole puncher steady.
Tie a string through the top of each tree.
Each day, have the children glue a sequin to the tree to count the days until Christmas. On Christmas, have the children glue a star to the top of the tree.
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