Grandma and Grandpa Shelf-Sitters
An Activity for School-Age:
A charming craft for children to give as a gift or keep for themselves.

Before You Begin:
To create these charming shelf-sitters, you'll need to gather the following: paper cups, wiggly eyes, paint, pom-poms, glue and pipe cleaners or paper straws.

Activity Goals:
To make a sweet gift for grandparents that can sit on a shelf.

Creating these darling shelf-sitters provides children a way to open up and discuss their grandparents.

Using the cup opening, trace a circle on a sheet of paper to make a face.
Color the face using Colors Like Me® paint, multicultural crayons or markers and allow it to dry.
Color the entire white paper cup using paint, crayons, markers or tempera sticks and allow to dry.
Add eyes, a nose, a mouth and pom-pom hair to the face and allow to dry.
Once dry, affix the face to the cup using glue.
For the legs, use either pipe cleaners or paper straws and glue poms to the ends like shoes.
Glue the legs to the inside of the cup, aligning them with the side that the face is glued on.
Enjoy giving these cute little grandparents or sit them on your own shelf!
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