The Woodpecker Rap
An Activity for Preschoolers:
This activity offers an opportunity for the children to practice their rhythmic and listening skills.

Before You Begin:
Collect items such as buttons, gems, sequins, glitter, beans (black and white), rice, etc. Cut large circles out of different construction paper. Other things you will need are glue and something to hang the ornaments with such as string or pipe cleaners.

Activity Goals:
  • To learn about woodpeckers
  • To introduce music in a fun activity
  • To practice rhythm and listening skills

    An alternative is to use rhythm sticks or wooden blocks and striking tools to echo the patterns.

  • Explain to the kids that they’re going to pretend to be woodpeckers drilling at trees and they’ll “peck” in, echoing responses to the rhythms you set. For instance, if you clap four times at a slow tempo, the children use their heads to peck four times at the same tempo.
    Repeat each pattern at least once, at a slightly faster pace.
    Choose rhythm groupings according to the age and experience of the children you’re working with. Generally speaking, the younger the age group, the shorter and slower the rhythms should be.

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