Puffy Pumpkins
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Make some adorable puffy pumpkins for autumn with this fun, sensory art experience!

Before You Begin:
For each child, prepare one cup of shaving cream, one squirt of orange Colorations® paint, a few squirts of school glue in small bowls. Set out facial tissues, construction paper (for background) and brown pipe cleaners.

Activity Goals:
  • To explore tactile properties of the squishy paint mixture
  • To express creativity and make a fun autumn craft

    Colorations® foam paint can also be used instead of the paint and shaving cream mixture. Children can also make their pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! Simply pre-cut tissues into a variety of shapes for dipping into the paint mixture and place onto the pumpkins to form the jack-o-lantern face.

  • Have each child combine the paint, glue and shaving cream in their bowls to create an orange mixture.
    Let them drop in the tissues, one at a time, into their mixtures and squeeze until saturated.
    Have the children then drop the tissues onto the construction paper backgrounds to form a pumpkin shape.
    Allow the children to add facial features to their pumpkin "blobs" while they are still wet.
    Show the children how to curl a brown pipe cleaner and glue on as a stem if they wish.

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