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Introduction to Cutting:
Demonstrate to the child how to hold scissors. Place your thumb in the upper hole and your first two (index and middle) in the lower hole. Have the child practice picking up and holding the scissors.

Prepare strips of construction paper in different colors not wider than 1". Have the child hold the scissors in their dominant hand and the piece of paper in their sub-dominant hand. Demonstrate how to snip the paper with one cut. Provide a tray so that the snippings are contained. Some children like to take their snippings home (which emphasizes process not product).

1. Provide construction paper, 1" wide, with preprinted dotted lines: Vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Provide a tray to catch the cuttings and a baggie or envelope so the child can take their work home. Write on the front of the envelope, "Christina's CUTTINGS". Once the child is successful following one line, you can add two preprinted lines, an X or one curved line on 1" wide paper.

2. Cutting on extended lines: Using strips of construction paper, 4" to 8" in length, add curved, crooked, jagged or wiggly lines. Extend the activity by connecting two or more cuttings to make crowns, belts, necklaces, fences, etc.

3. Cutting shapes: Provide a tray with preschool scissors and 4-5" squares of colored paper with shapes preprinted on them: Square, circle, triangle, etc; one shape on each square. Have children cut out the various shapes.

4. Cutting spirals: The most difficult skill is cutting circular, triangular and square spirals that have been preprinted on squares of construction paper. Hang the spiral from the ceiling, window or door frames to decorate your environment.

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