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Download the BiColor® App for your iPad and iPhone! See what you can create with the amazing all-in-one paint, BioColor® Download the BioColor® App from Discount School Supply® and discover one paint with endless possibilities – it‘s the imagination playground! Only the BioColor® App comes with exclusive offers on the amazingly versatile BioColor® paint and no advertisements to interrupt your user experience.
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Application Features:
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Browse a wide selection of free activities for children using BioColor® paint! Our Arts & Crafts activities with BioColor® include clear goals and outcomes for the children in your care. Plus, each activity includes a convenient list of essential materials needed and available for purchase, tips for preparation, step-by-step instructions and additional ideas for after the activity is completed. Watch the videos that accompany each craft to see a demonstration of how they‘re made.
  View painting and sensory activities, gift ideas and unique crafts. Each activity can be filtered by the following categories:
   Age: Toddler, Pre-School, School-Age
   Time: 15 minutes up to an hour of fun
   Educational Goal: Goals and outcomes of the project
   Videos: Step-by-step instructions and
demonstrations of each craft
BioColor® Creativity in a Bottle!

What is BioColor®? And how is it different from other paints?

BioColor® is an incredible product that is so much more than a standard tempera paint that lets children discover dozens of ways to learn and play. It‘s great for easel painting, sticker art, resist, marbling projects, ceramics, fabric, wood, glass and window painting, putty and sensory activities and much more!

BioColor®‘s creamy, smooth texture won‘t fade or crack, shines when dry and adheres to almost any surface. BioColor® also comes in 22 brilliant colors, including 11 original colors, 9 bright fluorescents, plus luxurious gold and silver. Apply it with brushes, paint scrapers, sponges and rollers. BioColor® is non-toxic, AP Certified and cleans easily from skin and surfaces.

Get ready to discover one paint with endless possibilities!

Available on the App Store Available on the App Store

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