Rainbow Sculptures
An Activity for Preschoolers:
This simple project teaches children about primary colors and may be used as St. Patrick’s Day craft.

Before You Begin:
Demonstrate to children how to safely handle the pipe cleaners and how to insert them into the modeling material. This will children them from getting poked.

Activity Goals:
To introduce children to rainbows.
To explore primary colors.

Putting the rainbow colors in the appropriate rainbow order is not the focus for this activity since that information is usually reserved for older children; however, using this activity to reinforce color recognition is appropriate.

Colorations® Super Lightweight Air-Dry Putty - Classroom Pack
Assorted Colors Pipe Cleaners - Pack of 100
Opal Glitter - 6 oz.

Have children use modeling material to create two fluffy cloud bases.
Before the clay dries, embed rhinestones or sequins into the modeling material.
Before the modeling material dries, have the children press each end of a pipe cleaner into the bases in an arching rainbow pattern.
For even more dazzle, embed opal glitter into the modeling material.