How Tall Am I Flowers
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A STEM activity that allows children to practice measuring.

Before You Begin:
Have the children cut flower shapes out of construction paper. You may want to provide pictures or a model for the children to use. Have the child write their name on the flower (or an adult can write the name if it is a challenge for the child).

Activity Goals:
To teach size (height) comparison.

You can challenge the children to make the bridge strong enough to hold even heavier objects. Have the children continue to add small items on the bridge and discover how much it will hold.

Assorted Colors 9" x 12" Heavyweight Construction Paper Pack - 50 Sheets
How Long Is It? Measuring Tape

Pair the children with a partner for the activity.
Have one child lie on the floor while the other measures his/her height using a length of yarn.
Glue or tape the child’s measured yarn onto their paper flower.
Hang all of the flowers in a line on the wall, with the string starting at the bottom representing the stem of the flower.
Have the children observe how the flowers are different heights, just like the children in the classroom.
If the children’s skill level is appropriate, have them use the tape measure to see how long each yarn stem is when taped to the wall.