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Colorations® 12" x 18" Construction Paper Smart Pack - 300 Sheets

From $24.68

Product Overview

No more guessing how much of each color you need! We'll do the work for you and give you more of the colors that you use more often.
  • DESIGNED ASSORTMENT: Quantity varies by color, giving more of the colors that are used the most, and less of others
  • 10 COLORS, 300 SHEETS: 80 white sheets, 40 red sheets, 40 green sheets, 30 blue sheets, 30 yellow sheets, 25 orange sheets, 20 black sheets, 15 purple sheets, 10 brown sheets, 10 pink sheets
  • PAPER PERFORMANCE: Paper folds cleanly, tears easily, and is easy to cut. Holds and adheres well with glue. The paper is produced in a chemical-free pulping process
  • CREATIVITY & EXPRESSION: Expression through art, connecting with other through creativity, group and classroom projects. Colors assorted to give more sheets of the colors that are used the most
  • HEAVYWEIGHT: Construction Paper made from 50 lb. stock paper. Use for drawing with crayons, pencils, markers, paint. Use for decorating, cutting, pasting, creating unique designs