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Colorations® Creative Creatures Dough Builders - 260 Pieces

From $21.73

Product Overview

Give your dough some personality! Create one-of-a-kind dough creatures with hands, feet, eyes, hats, antenna, mustaches and more.
  • FUN FOR ALL: This value bucket of creative modeling dough accessories is perfect for those ages 3 and up
  • EASY CLEAN UP: All accessories included in this kit are made of a reusable and easy to clean plastic for hours of fun and new creations
  • VALUE BUCKET: This bucket of creative accessories includes 10 each of 26 styles in an assortment of colors, a must for modeling dough creations
  • USE IN CLAY AND DOUGH: These creative accessories can be used in both clay or dough creations, they're a fun addition to any project
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Let young artists be creative and explore with these fun accessories