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Instrument Organizer and 25 Piece Instrument Set

From $227.30

Product Overview

Shake, rattle and roll with this collection of 25 instruments with Instrument Organizer.

Instrument Organizer:
*Has 14 pockets that hang from sturdy straps or by the grommets
*Measures 30"H x 30-1/4"L

Instrument Set Includes:
*1 pair Sand Blocks
*3 pair Claves
*1 Cluster Bell
*1 Guiro Tone Block
*4 pair Rhythm Sticks
*2 Jingle Wraps
*1 pair 5" Brass Cymbals
*1 Triangle
*1 pair Plastic Maracas
*3 pair Hand Castanets
*1 Handle Castanet
*1 Tambourine
*2 Tambourine Sticks
*2 pair Egg Shakers
*1 Hand Tom-Tom