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Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand

From $149.47

Product Overview

Open for business! Children will love buying and selling from their grocery store or lemonade stand. In addition to pretend play, this stand is ideal for developing sorting skills, memory and math concepts.

Sorting by color! Have children stock the grocery store with play food by filling each bin with food items sorted by color. Let them count the number of foods of each color and enjoy a colorful feast for the eyes.

Memory fun! Fill several bins in the grocery stand with one toy in each. Have children study the stand, then ask them to look away while you remove the item from one bin. Let the children tell you which toy is missing.

Math concepts! Stack bins in unequal stacks and ask children to compare stacks, observing which is taller and which is shorter. Discuss addition by making two small stacks and counting the bins, then combining the two stacks and counting the total. Remove bins to explore subtraction also.
  • Reversible fabric awning for grocery store or lemonade stand play
  • Portable plastic bins for pretend shopping or storage
  • Removable chalkboard signs
  • Spacious countertop
  • Play food items sold separately
  • 32"L x 16-1/4"W x 50"H
  • Requires assembly