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Steramine® Starter Kit - 4 Pieces

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Product Overview

Steramine® Starter Kit includes 4-gallon dispenser, 16 oz. trigger spray bottle, 10 1-oz. packets of Steramine® Quaternary Sanitizer, and 100'L roll of quaternary test strips.

Eliminate daily mixing: Mix the 1oz. Steramine® packet with water in the 4-gallon dispensing container. You can apportion solution until completely used, unlike chlorine mixtures that dissipate, requiring daily mixtures.

Stain-free sanitizing: Differing from concentrated chlorine, Steramine® will not cause staining on clothes, rugs, or other porous or non-porous surfaces. Steramine® has a fresh, clean scent.

Proper concentration levels: Steramine® is supplied in premeasured packets. The portion-controlled packets allow for precise blending to prevent over or under concentration of solution. Quaternary test strips assure proper levels.

Less storage space: Stow the pre-measured packets and mix when needed. One packet makes 4 gallons of 200 p.p.m. quaternary solutions, requiring less shelf space.