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Excellerations® Changing Emotions Block Puzzle


Product Overview

Flip these chunky, wooden block puzzle pieces to reveal colorful illustrations of 4 different emotional expressions.
  • SET INCLUDES: Includes 12 blocks, storage bag and activity guide.
  • SIZE: Completed puzzle measures 7 inches W x 8-3/4 inches H x 1-3/4 inches D.
  • QUALITY: Chunky, wooden blocks reveal colorful illustrations. Pieces are varnished for lasting use in classroom or home.
  • DESIGN: Designed for children to flip each block to create different faces and emotions. The Emotion Puzzle Block Set is helpful for young children to identify certain feelings and how those feelings are often expressed.
  • This product targets a variety of interests. Supports social emotional, self- esteem and social awareness education.
PreK-K Core Standards
  • SOC (P) Recognize and label emotions and be aware of how actions affect self and others.
  • SOC (P) Recognize others' emotions and begin to show empathy and sympathy.
  • SOC (P) Begin to understand personal development and the characteristics we share with others

K-3 Core Standards
  • SOC (K) Understands that people belong to groups and institutions that influence them.
  • SOC (2) Understands that individuals, groups, and institutions share common elements and also have unique characteristics.
  • SOC (3) Understands individual choices are influenced by personal and social factors.
  • SOC (1) Understands concepts such as: community, culture, role, competition, cooperation, rules, and norms.
  • SOC (2) Understands physical, intellectual, and emotional growth affect individual identity, growth, and interactions with others.
  • SOC (3) Understands the impact of families, schools, religious institutions, government agencies, financial institutions, and civic groups on their lives.


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Age / Grade
Ages 3+ / Grades PreK-K
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