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Excellerations® Classroom Sensory Kit

From $184.15

Product Overview

This variety of sensory tools can help with behavioral management in the classroom. Perfect for transition times, redirecting energy, and encouraging focus. Items come in a clear bin with hinged lid for easy access and storage.Ideal for special needs. Kit includes 9 different sensory items/ 54 pieces. DNA balls, 4" sensory balls, egg shakers, "pop" tubes, sensory beanbags, liquid timers, hairy tangle, fuzzy tangle, and therapy tangle. Components may vary.

Kit includes:
  • #DNABALL: 2 Odd Ballz DNA sensory rubber Balls
  • #SENBALL: 4" Sensory Balls - Set of 4
  • #CHKSHK: 3 pairs of Egg Shakers
  • #24POP: Pop"" Toobs™ - 24 Pieces
  • #COOLBEAN: Excellerations® Super Sensory Beanbags - Set of 12
  • #SLIMTIME: Set of 3, one-minute liquid timers
  • #HRYTANG: Hairy Tangle Fidget toy
  • #FZTANG: Tangle Jr. Sensory fuzzy fidget toy
  • #THTANG: Therapy tangle, twistable therapy toy
  • #BIN48: 48 Qt. clear storage bin with hinged lid