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ITERS Relaxation and Comfort - Infant

From $1,759.18

Product Overview

Soft, soothing colors in our carpet and nature banner create a calming environment for younger children to crawl and play. Toys are in easy reach in our soft baskets and infant-friendly storage unit; and our PVC-free mirrored soft play piece builds self-awareness and gross motor skills in a safe spot. This classroom kit includes a large assortment of over 20 of our best-selling early-learning toys. Ships in 3 days.

Play Space Includes:
*#SENSABC - Environments® Soft Sensory Alphabet w/Basket
*#SGLELF - Environments® One-Sided Divided Storage
*#ICBBL - SM Set 2 Chenille Basket - Blue
*#ALL4BABY - Excellerations® Multicultural Soft Babies Set of 4
*#VISTRACK Excellerations® Visual Tracking Tubes Set of 5
*#GRBSKILL Infant Discovery Set 10 Pieces
*#ROLLME - Bounce 'n' Roll Balls Set of 3
*#900094 - Environments® Soft Sensory Play Balls Set of 3
*#900098 - Environments® Soft Sensory Play Blocks Set of 3
*#CHBKLGNT - Chenille Basket 20"Dia. Natural
*#BLEAF69 - BLEAF69 - Blue Leaf Carpet 6 x 9
*#ROUNDUPW - Environments® Multi-Activity Roundup
*#NATBAN - Environments® Nature Banners Set of 4"

Supports the following ITERS standards:
1. Indoor Space
7.3 Floors, walls and surfaces are easy-to-clean
(ex. Washable floor and wall coverings)
2. Furniture for routine care and play
7.3 Convenient, organized storage for extra toys
3. Provisions for relaxation and comfort
7.1 Special cozy area plush softness accessible in several other areas
7.2 Non-mobile infant placed in cozy area when appropriate
4. Room arrangement
7.2 Materials with similar use are placed together to make interest areas
15. Fine Motor
3.1 Some appropriate fine motor materials accessible for daily use
5.1 Many and varied appropriate fine motor materials accessible for the day
5.2 Materials are well-organized
7.1 Materials rotated to provide variety
7.2 Materials of different levels of difficulty accessible