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Happy Birthday! Desktop Tents - 24 desktop cards/tents

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Make Birthday Celebrations Easy With These Big Cards That Turn Into Desktop Tents
Celebrate birthdays in a fun and economical way with these cute desktop tents that double as BIG birthday cards. The whole class can sign one side, and then it folds up into a tent for the child to keep on his or her desk the whole day. Then the birthday girl or boy takes it home!*Make Birthdays Easy: Each kid gets a special birthday card, signed by the whole class, which then tents on the birthday child’s desk for the whole day.*These Cards Are Big! The birthday cards are sizable, so every child in the class has room to write a message to the birthday girl or boy.*An Economical Solution: Celebrating birthdays can be expensive. This system lets you be just as festive without extra expense, since the desktop tents double as birthday cards.*Double The Fun: Kids will love getting their own individual birthday card, signed by all their classmates (and you!) and keeping it on their desks all day as a little tent. Then they get to take it home!Make birthday celebrations fun and easy with these individual birthday cards/tents big enough for the whole class to sign.
24 desktop cards/tents * laminated * Size: 15" by 11" each * flat * 15" by 5½" each * folded

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