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Discount School Supply® Children's Future Light Bulb, 13 Watts

Item # 13CFL
Discount School Supply®
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You know these light bulbs as CFLs; we call them Children's Future Lights, because that's what they help to protect. We at Discount School supply are committed to the future of children, including protecting our planet so that children have a healthy, sustainable world in which to learn and grow, and we're trying to make it easier for you to do the same. By providing these bulbs at our cost, we affordably provide a way to help change the world - one bulb at a time.

Safe Disposal of a CFL: CFLs not only reduce CO2 emissions, they also help prevent mercury from being released into the atmosphere. Mercury is an ingredient (in small amounts) in several household products, including CFLs, paint, batteries, thermometers, and other household items, and like those other items, CFLs should be carefully disposed of. Please handle all CFLs with care and clean up broken bulbs. While CFLs for your home are not technically considered hazardous waste, properly dispose of your CFL, and remember that recycling CFLs is environmentally friendly. Visit http://earth911.org/ , http://www.lamprecycle.org/ , or call 1-800-CLEAN-UP to find out if there is a fluorescent bulb recycling or disposal facility near you.

Safe Cleanup of a CFL: If a bulb breaks and is disposed of properly, research indicates there is no immediate health risk to you or your family. If weather permits, open nearby windows to help disperse any vapor and carefully sweep up the broken glass and fragments. Do not use your hands or a vacuum; use a damp paper towel to catch any fragments that sweeping may not catch. Place fragments and the used towel into a sealable plastic bag for disposal. Call 1-800-CLEAN-UP or visit http://earth911.org/ or http://www.lamprecycle.org/ to find out about recycling or disposal programs near you.

Not for use with emergency exit fixtures, dimmers, recessed fixtures or electronic timers. Please handle all CFLs with care and clean up broken bulbs carefully.

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Discount School Supply®
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Discount School Supply®