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Colorations® Powder Tempera Paint, 1 lb. - Set of All 10

From $44.90

Product Overview

Abracadabra! Just like magic, this powdered tempera dissolves efficiently and easily in water - no clumps!
  • CLASSIC CLASSROOM TEMPERA PAINT: 10, 1 lb jars of powdered tempera. Just mix with water and start painting
  • WASHABLE PAINT FOR KIDS: This paint is non-toxic and safe for kids and easily washes off skin, fabric, and surfaces with just soap and water
  • EASY TO USE: This washable tempera paint can be used with a variety of tools like stamps, brushes, and sponges for everyday projects
  • PERFECT FOR YOUNG ARTISTS: This paint is perfect for kids and young artists to enjoy painting activities with a bright and opaque color paint that is easy to use
  • FREE FROM COMMON ALLERGENS: This kids' paint is latex and gluten free, and it does not contain, peanuts and tree nuts, soy, dairy, casein or egg