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Easily Store And Carry Supplies With This Convenient Caddy

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Make it easy for students to gather and return supplies quickly for lessons, centers, and free-time activities with this easy-to-carry wire caddy. It can hold 12 dry erase boards with markers and erasers, as well as folders, journals, or other materials. Adult assembly required.<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>ul<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Great For Centers And Small Group Tables: <lt/>/b<gt/>Place these sturdy wire supply holders in learning centers and at group tables to store supplies right at students' fingertips.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Keep Supplies Right Where You Need Them: <lt/>/b<gt/>Made of strong but light wire mesh with a convenient handle, this caddy makes it easy for students to grab their supplies and carry them wherever they're needed.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Holds 12 Dry Erase Boards Plus Markers And Erasers! <lt/>/b<gt/>This compact caddy holds a lot of supplies in a small space. Great for student dry erase boards and supplies, it can also store notebooks, folders, journals, workbooks, and all manner of daily supplies.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Keep It Tidy: <lt/>/b<gt/>Keep supplies for a whole table nice and neat in this one handy caddy. No more clutter!<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>/ul<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Make sure classroom supplies are right where students need them with this easy-to-carry caddy.<lt/>/b<gt/>

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Really Good Stuff