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EZClamp Table Organizer™ - Blue

Item # R166144BL
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Just place this organizer over the edge of a classroom table and tighten the easy-grip knob for a space-saving way to keep student supplies neat and handy, but out of the way. It has a large section for folders and papers, and smaller sections for markers, pencils, scissors, sticky notes, and other supplies. Great for learning centers!<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>ul<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Make The Most Of Your Table Space: <lt/>/b<gt/>Move supplies off the tabletop and into this compact organizer to give students more room to work.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Easy To Use: <lt/>/b<gt/>Just slip this organizer over the table edge and tighten the knob. It's that easy.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>A Compartment For Everything: <lt/>/b<gt/>This handy little supply holder has compartments in three sizes. The big section can hold folders and papers, and the smaller ones can store daily supplies, from scissors and sticky notes to markers, pencils, and more.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Ideal For Learning Centers And Small Groups: <lt/>/b<gt/>Place these sturdy supply holders in learning centers and at group tables to keep supplies at students' fingertips.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Adjusts To Fit Any Size Table: <lt/>/b<gt/>The beauty of this organizer is that you can use it anywhere. The clamp works like a vise, adjusting to any table thickness with an easy twist of the knob.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>li<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Prevents Table Scratches: <lt/>/b<gt/>It may be made of sturdy metal, but this organizer also has a rubber-lined clamp designed to prevent scratches.<lt/>/li<gt/><lt/>/ul<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>b<gt/>Keep supplies close by but out of the way with this sturdy, spacesaving organizer that clamps to any classroom table.<lt/>/b<gt/>

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