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Teacher Visual Cues Necklace

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Help your students with language difficulties to understand your directions with this unique visual cues necklace. The breakaway lanyard holds 10 color-coded, double-sided cards printed with visual cues that show a variety of commands, comments, and prompts for daily use.*Conveys Directions Non-Verbally: Students who are verbally challenged can take directions from you when you use this necklace to convey what they need to do.*Lets Students Know What???s Going On: The pictures on the cards telegraph to students what???s going on in the classroom, the hallway, the lunch room, the playground, or that it???s time to get on the bus.*Relieves Pressure: Having a way to let students know what they need to do without words relieves pressure on the teacher as well as on students who need non-verbal cues.*Color-Coding Helps: The 10 classroom management visual cues have a red border, and the 10 schedule and routines visual cues have a blue border. The color-coding makes it easy to know which card to choose!*Great For Special Needs: Add this functional necklace to other products from our special needs line to create a safe and welcoming environment for your students with special needs. This unique product is designed to make communication easier.*Made To Last: Cue cards are made of tough plastic so they can withstand steady use. You???ll reuse them year after year!Communicate non-verbally with your students with special needs using this unusual visual cues necklace.

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