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Self-Sticking Felt Memo Board - Black, 18"H x 23"W

Duck Tape®
From $29.31

Product Overview

From decorative items to important notes, this felt memo board will be a perfect touch to any classroom. Can be used to mount lists, messages, pictures, reminders, invitations, and classroom art projects. This felt board is made of an innovative, reusable sticky adhesive technology that makes it easy to organize all your important papers. Press items on and peel them off over and over again without causing damage. No pins, tacks, or permanent adhesive needed! Memo board is made in the USA and measures 18 inches x 23 inches.
  • IDEAL FOR CLASSROOMS: Great for decorating areas in the classroom to create a personalized memo board for yourself or a place to display student's work
  • EASY APPLICATION: Sticks to a variety of surfaces, including painted walls, stainless steel appliances, metal, glass, cinder blocks, and plastic
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Board can be cut to any size and can be used to fit your classroom needs
  • REMOVABLE AND REUSABLE: Both sides of the felt board are removable and reusable over100 times
  • DAMAGE FREE: Adhesive board causes no damage to walls or items