an activity for school-age:
These lovely flowers make for great springtime gifts.

before you begin:
Gather the following: tissue paper circles, extra-long craft rolls, construction paper, glue sticks, pipe cleaners and a stapler.

activity goals:
To create a process art project celebrating springtime!

These make great gifts for teachers or parents. Or, you may wish to create a classroom stand-up garden on a tabletop or window ledge.

let's get started

step 1
Use a glue stick to adhere a sheet of construction paper to a paper towel roll.
step 2
Glue the pipe cleaner along the seam of the construction paper.
step 3
Fold each paper circle (up to 10 circles) in half, but only halfway across.
step 4
Arrange the circles together in the desired pattern and staple them into place.
step 5
Glue a pom-pom to the center of the flower.
step 6
Use glue, tape, hot glue or glue dots to affix the flower to the top of the craft roll.
step 7
Cut leaves from construction paper and glue them to the craft roll.
step 8