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Beloved <lt/>i<gt/>Jack And The Beanstalk<lt/>/i<gt/> Fairy Tale Entrances Children Yet Again In English/Spanish Version

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The favorite tale of Jack And The Beanstalk comes to new life in this charmingly illustrated English/Spanish version.Reach All Your Readers: The classic tale is retold with modern illustrations, but captivates new readers all over again. Reach your Spanish-speaking and bilingual readers with this version.Wrap Them Up In Fantasy: Kids develop a lifelong love of reading when they can read by themselves and get lost in a story. Children eagerly turn the pages to see what will happen when Jack climbs the beanstalk up past the hungry giant to rescue the golden harp!Classics Don't Age: There's a reason these stories have endured. Classic tales of imagination, inspiration, everyday pluck, and the natural world integrating with the human, speak to children in every generation.Illustrations Delight: This Spanish/English version is retold and newly illustrated with charming modern graphics. But the story of the little boy who grows a giant beanstalk from magic beans always entrances!Reach all your readers with this charmingly illustrated Spanish/ English version of Jack And The Beanstalk.


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