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Set Of Six Beloved Classic Tales Entrances Children Yet Again In English/Spanish Versions

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Product Overview

Six favorite tales come to new life in this charmingly illustrated set of English/Spanish versions.Reach All Your Readers: The classic tales are retold with modern illustrations, but captivate new readers all over again. Reach your Spanish-speaking and bilingual readers with these versions.Wrap Them Up In Fantasy: Kids develop a lifelong love of reading when they can read by themselves and get lost in a story. Children eagerly turn the pages to see what will happen when the three pigs battle the wolf, little Red Riding Hood visits her grandmother who's actually a wolf, Jack encounters a giant climbing his magic beanstalk, Peter Pan visits Neverland, Goldilocks tries out the furniture in the bears' cottage, and the Velveteen Rabbit gets out into the real world!Classics Don't Age: There's a reason these stories have endured. Classic tales of imagination, inspiration, everyday pluck, and the animal world integrating with the human, speak to children in every generation.Illustrations Delight: These Spanish/English versions are retold and newly illustrated with charming modern graphics. But the adventures of the children and animals who get into scrapes but come out fine in the end always enchant!Reach all your readers with this charmingly illustrated Spanish/English set of six classic tales.


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