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Mary Wore Her Red Dress Book & CD

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Ages 3+ / Grades PreK-2
This innovative book begins with first-rate black-and-white drawings of a woodland; then as the tale progresses, color is gradually added, culminating in full-color illustrations. Young readers will feel like guests of honor as they join Mary Squirrel and Henry Raccoon on the way to Kate Bear's birthday party. An absolute treat from beginning to end. Merle Peek. 32 pages. Soft cover.

PreK-K Core Standards
  • RF.K.1b. Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.
  • RF.K.1a. Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page.

K-3 Core Standards
  • SL.K.2. Confirm understanding of a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media by asking and answering questions about key details and requesting clarification if something is not understood.
  • SL.K.4. Describe familiar people, places, things, and events and, with prompting and support, provide additional detail.
  • SL.1.2. Ask and answer questions about key details in a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media.
  • SL.K.1a. Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions (e.g., listening to others and taking turns speaking about the topics and texts under discussion).
  • SL.K.6. Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly.
  • SL.1.4 Describe people, places, things, and events with relevant details, expressing ideas and feelings clearly.
Age / Grade
Ages 3+ / Grades PreK-2
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