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Magnetic Letter Tiles And MAGtivity Tins - 6 Student Set

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Product Overview

Practice Letter Identification And Word-Building With Easy-To-Manage Materials For 6 Students
Students will love using these chunky magnetic letter tiles for word building, letter sorting, and more on the handy tin trays with built in handles. The quiet foam tiles feature red vowels and blue consonants, as well as serif a and g. Store them all in the sturdy plastic case with a tightfitting lid that keeps all the letters in their own compartments.*WHATS INCLUDED: The Really Good MAGtivity Tins with Color-Coded Magnetic Letter Tiles comes with 6 tin trays (3 red and 3 blue) and 240 lowercase, foam, magnetic letter tiles. The metal trays are perfect for group work, and word study activities, such as sorting as well as managing and sorting magnetic letters. Handles made them easy to carry around the classroom or home.*STANDARDIZED TEACHING ASSISTANT: Really Good Magtivity Tins and Magnetic Letter Tiles Kit was created to directly align with Common Core and state standards for Language Arts products.*MAKE SPELLING FUN: Your spelling and phonics lessons can become a fun part of the day with black magnetic letters. These are a hands-on, interactive way for students to learn reading skills, master the alphabet and recognize letters.*FOR HOME OR SCHOOL: Your classroom worksheets can come to life when kids get to manipulate the letters with their own hands. Parents will want to have a set for home to reinforce learning at school.
1 plastic storage case with 28 compartments and 52 stickers to label them (includes lower and upper case alphabet letters * Spanish letters * numbers 0 - 9 * math symbols * money symbols * one blank.) * Size: 16 "L X 10 "W X 2"H * 6 tin trays * Size: 8"W by 10"D by 1"H each * Colors: 3 each of red and blue * 240 lowercase * foam * magnetic letter tiles * Size: 1 3/8 " by 1 3/8 " each


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Really Good Stuff
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